Motorised Roller Blinds

Motorised roller blinds are perfect, not just for the technologically savvy of you out there who enjoy minimalist, intelligent living, but also for those of you who run homes which play host to children and animals running around at any given opportunity.

The ultimate in state of the art living, motorised roller blinds provide you with full control over light and privacy at the touch of a button, from the comfort of your bed or your sofa without you having to move a muscle! There are lots of practical benefits as well; with no cords or chains motorised roller blinds are entirely Safe By Design and compliant, therefore, with the new Child Safety Regulations introduced to the blind industry in 2014. They enable you to use a window treatment in those hard to reach places and also extend the longevity of your blind’s life by ensuring that the blind is used correctly.

In addition to this, motorised roller blinds are a great option for those of us who are less abled with the roller blinds being controlled from a simple, easy-to-use remote or switch option, which can work wirelessly in your home.

With the increasing fashion for loft conversions and the recent drive to convert the homes we live in to create an amazing space filled with light, we find that windows have been introduced in hard to reach places to make the most of the light. Again to filter that light at peak times, prevent glare on a television or tablet screen and to reduce heat entering the room, a motorised roller blind here is a perfect solution.

We can produce all of our Eclectics Loves roller blinds with a motor. There are several options available here depending on your budget and also on your requirements. Our wire free option works using a lithium battery, which sits behind the roller tube out of view, and this plugs into the head of the motor. This system uses a single channel remote control and is the most cost effective option. The other two options are for low voltage or mains voltage roller blinds. The motors on these last two options are a lot quieter but they are stronger, working well on larger motorised roller blinds, with the latter being directly wired into the wiring loop or plugged in to the mains.

The ultimate in roller blind, with a motorised roller blind you really are promoting intelligent, state of the art, but practical living. This is the blind option of the future.

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