Made to Measure Wooden Blinds

Our Elite made to measure wooden blinds are the best quality wooden blinds on the market. Designed to meet the current trend for muted greys and beiges the wooden slats are also available in a variety of widths.


Whereas most standard wooden venetian blinds are only available in 25mm, 35mm and 50mm widths, the standard slat width on these made to measure wooden blinds is 50mm with the option for a 70mm slat and also a 70mm stepped slat, which is a wide slat with a routed design running the width of each slat.


We supply all of our Eclectics Loves wood venetian blinds with a matching wooden valance and you can install these made to measure wooden blinds either inside or outside of your window recess. The timber used for all of our Eclectics made to measure wood venetian blinds is Abachi wood, which is an African hard wood that is sourced sustainably so you can purchase these blinds with a clear environmental conscience.


Not only is the colour palette a rich and tonal one, the paint finishes on these made to measure wooden blinds is available in both matt and gloss leaving the choice completely up to you and your taste.


Gorgeous to look at, our made to measure wooden venetian blind range is also functional. These wooden blinds are one of the most effective ways of controlling both the amount of light and the level of privacy in a room.


Eclectics Loves wooden venetian blinds really are the ultimate in luxury dressing for your window and would be the perfect addition to any room in your home. You can always use our free sample service to ensure you are getting the best colour match.

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