Made to Measure Roman Blinds UK

Our Eclectics Loves made to measure roman blinds are all manufactured right here in the UK. With the emphasis being placed firmly back on buying British we are proud of our manufacturing heritage and our British roots.


Our made to measure roman blinds are finished to perfection with a non-sewn look to the front of the blind. The tops of our made to measure roman blinds are hand sewn as are the bottom pockets and we incorporate an element of stab stitching into the make-up of these roman blinds to provide you with a truly top quality hand-made looking roman blind.


Because they are not mass produced, our made to measure roman blinds can take up to three or four weeks in production. No blind is as luxurious as a made to measure roman blind, and ours are high quality with a truly hand-made feel. Each blind is lovingly crafted to fit your bespoke requirements, whether this is from a size perspective or because you have created your roman blind to incorporate one of our design features, which we offer across the entire collection such as a margin, banner, pull etc.


Our made to measure roman blinds all fully comply with the newly introduced child safety regulations and each blind is rigorously tested prior to leaving production to ensure that it complies with the UK standards. The introduction of this new safety standard has not detracted at all from the design qualities so you are now getting a truly safe and stylish product from us.


Our made to measure roman blinds are made as standard with chain operation but for that ultimate in window treatment luxury, you can also upgrade to a motorised roman blind. These electric roman blinds are fitted with a 12 volt DC motor that is situated within the head rail. It is powered by a low voltage transformer and is supplied with a single channel remote control as standard. Imagine being able to lie in bed and operate your remote control roman blinds without having to even move. The ultimate in luxury roman blinds and comfort!!

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