Eclectics Kyoto Sliding Panel Blinds

Eclectics Kyoto Sliding Panel blinds provide a stunning panel window treatment but they can also double as a room divider.  The width of each panel is roughly 65cms but this depends entirely upon the width of the window or the room.  The exact size will be confirmed once you have placed your order.  Each panel in your sliding panel blind slide back to sit behind each other when opening and each panel picks up the next in the standard panel blind system when closing.  

Your panel blind can stack to the left, to the right or it can split as a pair.  In each case the rear panel is pulled by either a draw rod, cord or electric motor.  The top channel of the panel blind can be made in either white or silver.  Ideally you would fix your Kyoto Panel Blind to the ceiling but we can provide wall fix brackets for a small additional cost.

So why not get creative and start designing and building your own bespoke sliding panel blind here
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