Bottom Up Blinds

If you are looking for privacy at the lower part of your window without losing the natural light flowing into your room then Bottom Up blinds could be a perfect solution for your home. With many of us being overlooked but wanting to maximise the light, achieving privacy on the lower part of the window is really important and easily achievable with a Bottom Up blind.

Bottom Up roller blinds are blinds, which go up rather than down. They work using a cassette head box, which is fixed on to the window sill or fixed to the wall outside the window recess. The cords operating the bottom up blinds tie off to a cleat and there are wall or ceiling diverters enabling the blind to be raised and lowered to the desired height, giving you privacy on the lower part of the window but allowing the light to flood in through the top of the windows. If required the Bottom Up blind can be raised so that it is fully closed or the blind can be stopped at any height as it is closed up towards the ceiling or windows recess. These bottom up blinds can be made with a metal bar finish or with just a sewn pocket finish.

Our Eclectics Loves Bottom Up blinds are available in a range of fabrics so have a browse through and please do get in touch with one of our helpful team should you have any questions about fabrics or measuring. Why not take advantage of our free sample service too and make sure our fabric is a perfect match for your interior.

Start designing and building your own bespoke Bottom Up blind here

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