Roman Blinds – The Window Treatment that is the Ideal Cross between Curtains and Blinds

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of Roman blinds for your home and take advantage of the versatility of colours and styles offered by this timeless classic. Make a decision that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Buying, building or even just decorating a home comes with multitudes of decisions; decisions that the homeowner will live with for at least the next few years. Unsurprisingly, it’s all a bit overwhelming – marble or granite? Hardwood or carpets? Curtains or blinds? Figuring out everyone’s preferences and then balancing costs with look and feel of a house is not always easy. What if you could have it all, instead of having to make the choice between items? What if you could just pick one? Roman blinds are the window treatment that is the ideal cross between curtains and blinds. That’s one choice made.

A Roman blind is typically a fabric shade that goes up and down by lift cords at the rear of the blind, these are operated by a cord , chain or electric motor. Made in different ways, they create different styles, allowing versatile design planning for rooms. They are also a timeless classic that last forever – not dating the look of your home, so investing in roman blinds can really be a long-term advantage. Depending on the fabric and style chosen, they can look anything from soft and feminine to masculine and tailored. They fabric folds neatly behind itself creating a tailored look when in the open position. The folds on the roman blind can be equal or they can get progressively longer as you move down the blind causing a cascading in the folds when the blind is pulled up into the open position.

Changing the look and feel of your home is simple with accents like carpets, furniture and window dressings. Mixing up the colours and fabrics can create a luxurious atmosphere – using heavy or rich fabrics such as silks and velvets will create a very different effect than simple linens. It all depends on what end result the homeowner or designer is trying to create. The bedroom will likely be different from the living room, but it’s not necessary. A simple and neutral colour palette can allow the homeowner to use the same set of blinds throughout the house – with minor variations where rooms need darker blinds for sleeping.

Custom orders can be made with us at Eclectics Blinds to fit your house, allowing each room to benefit from its own style, or a central theme can be applied throughout. Enjoy the versatility of a Roman blind, the window treatment that is the ideal cross between curtains and blinds. Decide if Roman blind is right for your home. It is one more decision made that you can be satisfied with in the long-term.