Motorised Roller Blinds – The Epitome of Intelligent Living at Home

If you want to add state-of-the-art opulence to your home or simply introduce something different to a room, made to measure motorised roller blinds epitomise intelligent living at home, transforming a room through colour and texture and adding the perfect accent in any room. If you want to make a statement Motorised roller blinds are also a great way to easily introduce an element of design and luxury to your space.

Where motorised roller blinds excel most though is through safety in the home. The absence of chains, cords or pulls means that children and animals are not at risk of becoming entangled. Simply operate your motorised roller blind with the push of a button.

We believe motorised roller blinds are the future for roller blinds and they are incredibly versatile.

How to Choose a Motorised Roller Blinds
Eclectics know how important making the right choice of roller blind and blind mechanism is, so through our online blind builder we give you the option to design the perfect roller blind. The online blind builder will filter options according to the roller blind fabric you choose and at each stage will prompt you to choose position, operation and fixings for the roller blind. You can also request a ‘reverse roll’ if you want the fabric to roll off the front.

If you already know the type of roller blind you want, you can refine your search to the colours and designs available. Once you have a colour scheme picked out, click the colour palette and your roller blind search will be refined to the blinds that match your chosen colour scheme.

It is important to note as well that motorised roller blinds are perfect for those less abled who struggle to reach over worktops and furniture as they can be operated wirelessly by an easy to use remote control.

So which motorised roller blind is right for you?

Blackout Roller Blinds for the Bedroom
For the bedroom, we suggest blackout roller blinds. Not only do they create a personal sense of style, they also filter light, darken and cool the room in the summer. They’re also useful in the winter to prevent cold air from entering the room. Roller blinds filter ultra violet light to protect you from the harsh rays that can cause skin diseases. If your bedroom window is close to a road or you live in the country, these blinds can help to control dust levels.

Roller Blind Fabrics
Roller blind fabrics are woven with hi-tech yarns and are enhanced with special solar and light transmission properties. As well, they are fitted with UV inhibitors so they retain their colour for a long time.

Cleaning Motorised Roller Blinds
Contrary to what you might think cleaning and maintaining roller blinds is simple. These blinds are made from materials that are treated to repel dust so all that needs to be done to keep them clean is wiping down the blind’s fabric with a damp cloth.

Motorised roller blinds provide an innovative design solution to window furnishing with the simplicity of operation.  Why not take inspiration from our beautiful range of fabrics and designs at Eclectics Blinds to create your own custom roller blinds. For more details on the types of blinds and fabrics used or if you need any guidance in choosing the right blinds for your home, please contact us at 01843 608789.