Makeover Your Room with Bespoke Designer Blinds

Bespoke blinds are a great way to makeover any room in any home.  Eclectics offer a wide array of blind types, fabrics and extras to enable you to build a truly bespoke designer blind for your home.  Whether you are looking to create privacy or boost natural light within a room, add style or flair to your windows, or even just complete you interior design project Eclectics blinds can really add something different.

Roller Blinds
Roller blinds are clean, fresh and modern.  They are functional yet simple but can be a focal point depending on the fabric or design choice.  Use roller blinds in any room to complement your curtains or on their own to create a contemporary look.  Create your own roller blind by selecting from the choices of finishing touches that single Eclectics out as the choice for luxury bespoke blinds. Roller blinds are great for rooms with large windows because they can easily be retracted into a conveniently small roll or rolled up as much as you need to let in the right amount of light. A relatively cost effective window furnishing roller blinds can also be extremely practical especially when it comes to filtering light or sun in a bid to protect furniture, or reduce glare and heat in a room.  Eclectics range of sunscreen, metallic sunscreen and jacquard screen fabrics do this effortlessly but with style and finesse.

Roman Blinds
A modern alternative to the curtain, Roman Blinds are made with soft fabric which on raising forms in to pleats which beautifully frame the window.  Choose which beautiful fabric works with your room, decide then on which lining you need.  We would suggest a blackout lining for a bedroom, interlining for that extra luxury feel but alternatively you could opt for a standard lining or no lining at all.  This again makes your blind truly bespoke and designed completely to fit your style, taste and functionality requirements.  Eclectics can also add that something extra to your bespoke Roman Blind with all of the design extras available.  If you are going for the ultimate in luxury you may even decide to have your Roman Blinds made with a motor so they can be controlled remotely.

Wood Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are a long time favourite and our collection of bespoke wood venetian blinds and add that bit extra to any room.

Eclectics wooden blinds are particularly good for rooms where one doesn’t want to compromise on style and design without losing any functionality.  In a range of muted tones in both a matt and gloss finish these wooden venetian blinds would complement any interior palette but also enable the control of privacy and light in to the room.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds are designed to be adjusted to allow privacy and control natural light.  These are perfect for family rooms, rooms with televisions screens and also home office environments.  They can be adjusted to remove the glare of the sunlight without blocking out light and they are also available in a wide variety of colours and designs which make them the ideal choice for colour matching décor.

Kyoto Sliding Panel Blinds
The stunning sliding panel window treatment is ultimate in urban chic.  The width of each panel measures approximately 65cm which also makes it a perfect solution if you are looking to divide a large open plan room in to zones.  Create your own bespoke sliding panel blind with us by choosing which fabric you would like and then designing how your blind will open and close to suit your space the best!

Perfect Fit Blinds
If you have conservatory windows, skylights, or uPVC windows installed in your home, you may want to consider bespoke perfect fit blinds.  These blinds are designed to integrate seamlessly and require very little effort for installation since they are screw less and require no drilling.  These are ideal for doors and windows that open often.  These are available in several different styles, colours, and designs.

Regardless of your personal style or the designs incorporated into your rooms, our wide selection of bespoke blinds is guaranteed to have something that will satisfy your needs.  We offer standalone options as well as blinds that can be use in front of, or behind existing curtains to control privacy and the amount of natural light that enters your rooms.  For the ultimate in luxury most of our systems can also be made with motors so they may be operated remotely.