Eclectics Supports the new Child Safety Standards

Eclectics Supports The New Child Safety Standards

The EU has revised the standards governing window blinds to ensure child safety measures are always provided.  Although thankfully rare these new mandatory standards are being introduced to help avoid unnecessary accidents and even fatalities caused when a child becomes entangled in a blind cord.

Eclectics fully supports these changes to the EU standard.  Our internal blinds are fully compliant with the new standards for internal window blinds and we have a range of tested safety devices for making existing blinds safer.

We also have a range of “safe by design” blinds which have features especially tailored to make them perfectly safe for anywhere children live and play.

These include;

  • Our soft rise spring roller
  • Our panel blinds
  • Cordless vertical system
  • Motorised window blind systems

These new mandatory standards are expected to be introduced on 1st March 2014.