Eclectics Loves Celebrating Wool Week 2014

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At Wool Week, wool organisations from around the world come together to show just how diverse and adaptable wool is.

The Campaign for Wool is a five-year initiative convened by HRH The Prince of Wales to demonstrate wool’s natural renewable qualities and unique versatility. Wool organisations from around the world come together with woolgrowers, manufacturers, designers and retailers to show just how diverse and adaptable wool is. Great Britain’s Wool Week campaign runs from 5th to 12th October 2014.

There are so many benefits to working with wool; not only is wool durable but it is eco-friendly, using significantly less energy during its production than manufacturing man-made fibres and producing lower carbon dioxide emissions having a low carbon impact on the earth. It is also recyclable. Old wool fabric and fibre can be recycled for many uses including insulation and geotextiles, as well as being an effective compost as it slowly releases nitrogen rich nutrients back to the soil.

At Eclectics we are proud to work with wool and incorporate it in to our made to measure blind collection creating bespoke wool roller blinds, wool roman blinds and also wool panel blinds. We use a variety of beautiful plain dyed wools for our made to measure blinds as well as working with Sarah Campbell and her Mogwaii designs.

Sarah Campbell launched Mogwaii in 2003 as a platform for her unique designs with wool. Having been brought up on the Isle of Lismore, Sarah has been wooed by wool from an early age and her love of textiles manifested with a degree from Goldsmith’s College. Sarah is inspired by working with wool and finding the fabric truly fascinating. Sarah says; “Wool has such potential; it can be tough as wood or soft and lace like. The more I work with it the more I understand it’s sculptural and colour potential.”

Sarah’s Mogwaii designs are inspired by the colours, light and flora of the Scottish countryside and this can be seen in the designs which Sarah creates for the Eclectics Loves blind collection.
More like art pieces than window treatments, the contemporary creations are not blinds as you once knew them. Her lengthy experience and mastery of stitch, fabric and design allow her to create blinds which merge quality with truly distinctive beauty. Each piece is conceived as a gesture of simplicity; yet, space is made for vibrant accents, rich textures and striking motifs.

All of our wool blinds are available as sliding panel blinds, roman blinds and roller blinds and they are also available as a blackout version.  Wool blinds bring a luxurious feel to any window and are naturally insulating making them the perfect addition to your home now that the nights are starting to draw in.

One of the fantastic design features that we can incorporate in to your truly bespoke wool blind is to add a banner or a margin as a design feature. This involves stitching a contrasting or co-ordinating wool strip down the length of the blind as a single strip or as a pair. Margins are where this contrasting fabric sits inside the main body of the fabric leaving a margin to the left or right and a banner is a strip of contrasting fabric which sits along the edge of the blind. This only augments the diversity of this beautiful textile.

Take time to explore wool this year in Wool Week.

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