Create a Stylish and Functional Window Area with Luxury Wooden Blinds

An area often overlooked, but can serve as the design anchor of an entire room, is the windows. Big or small windows are an important design function in your home and consideration as to how you can make a design statement of your windows is a must.

Should anything be done to the windows in the first place?
While you may be tempted to leave the windows as is, without any coverings, especially if you are out in the countryside or your windows face an open space, you should not be wasting this opportunity for design and the creation of positive ambiance in the room. Windows are large elements that cannot be ignored, and thus designing the entire room, but leaving the windows looking empty and dull is hardly an option. The next question, of course is, what window coverings to choose? Curtains or blinds? If you are looking for a more functional approach, blinds are the way to go.  If you are looking to both control the light in to a room and also manage your levels of privacy then one of the best options is to select a wooden venetian blind.  Not only functional but Eclectics luxury wooden venetian blinds are stylish and contemporary and come in a range of muted tones in both a matt and a gloss finish that would complement any interior design.

What kinds of blinds should I opt for?
Venetian blinds are popular in a variety of settings but your home should be different from the purely functional and formal which is why luxury wooden blinds are your best option.  Made from a sustainable wood source Eclectics luxury wooden blinds are cut and punched to order and painted and finished by hand to ensure that the punch holes and ends are completely covered.  Each blind is supplied with a wooden valance and they can be fitted inside or outside of your window recess.  Beautiful by design the slats are available in a variety of width sizes.  The wider slats are more popular with your choices being from the following; 50mm width, 70mm width and even a 70mm stepped slat (where the slat has a routed design across the length).

But how do I actually design wooden blinds?
Eclectics Elite Wooden Blinds’ superior finish and range of colours will transform any space to match, or indeed influence, the rest of the room’s décor.  Decide which colour slat and slat width you are going to opt for, (if you aren’t sure then Eclectics will send out some free samples for you), then measure for your blind.  Once you have this information you can start building your blind online at By selecting from the options available you can design your wooden blinds bespoke for your room and your design tastes.