Bottom Up Blinds: Achieve Privacy Without Reducing Natural Light

During daylight hours, there is no better way to light your house than with the natural light. The colours look better, the air feels fresher, and of course, it’s more economical and environmentally friendly than electric lighting. At times though, you may want some privacy, shade or security (if a window is open to let air in). Eclectics’ bottom up blinds are designed for this purpose. They provide a versatile way of controlling the amount of, and intensity of, light during the daytime without compromising your sense of security or the privacy of your home.

Turn Your Windows into Adjustable Light Sources
One of the advantages of Eclectics’ bottom up blinds is their extreme versatility. If you want daylight in your home, but don’t want the summer sun to heat up your house or make your computer screen hard to read, your bottom up blinds can be adjusted to let in less light, or just convert direct sunlight into indirect sunlight. If you aren’t in the mood for bright lighting, but want to maintain good visibility in your home for activities such as reading, you can adjust bottom up blinds to let in just a crack of light at the very top of your window.

Don’t Compromise Your Privacy
Maximise light and privacy with bottom up blinds, an end to unsightly net curtains! Understandably enough, most people want the option of making the events in their home unavailable to casual passers-by. Maybe your front room isn’t as tidy as you’d like. Maybe you want to take a nap unobserved. Maybe you just don’t feel like being the proverbial goldfish in the bowl. No matter what your reasons, Eclectics’ bottom up blinds allow you to cover enough of your window to block the view of people outside your house without forcing yourself to live in the dark.

All This And A Stylish Look Too!
Whether you’ve chosen to let the sunshine in or make your home into your own private castle, Eclectics’ goal is to make your space look great. Our bottom up blinds are available in a variety of attractive prints, colours and fabrics to suit any decor, from a pretty, sophisticated living room to a bright and cheery children’s bedroom. You can choose a subtle pattern or turn your closed blinds into a stylish picture to accent your room… and give lookers-in something to look at besides you go about your life!

The Right Choice for Your Home
Achieving privacy without reducing the natural light in your rooms can take a certain amount of planning. Fortunately, Eclectics is here to help. Our line of stylish, high quality bottom up blinds can help you take control of your home environment. You decide who sees what, all without compromising the beauty of your room. Browse our selection of bottom up blinds and see which ones would work the best for your home.